Victory MMA Submission Fighting

Victory MMA submission Fighting, home of team Instigator.

 The Home of the Sungnee Hoshinsol System of Korean Grappling!









                                         Phone 330 492-5277

We remain the home of "Team Instigator"    

come experience our 26' cage

Come experience the cage!


Taught by Professional Trainers

we offer children classes in jujitsu and Taekwondo

beginner striking classes



Taught by Professional Trainers

We also offer private instruction by qualified instructors!

We also offer classes in weight reduction, conditioning, MMA Circuit Fitness, and Strong blood fitness!   

 Strong Blood Fitness "Where we push you to the limit"

Victory Asian Arts- The Ultimate Martial Arts Supply store!

No matter what your style, we have the equipment you need!

We can fit you  in the right uniform and the right size!


  • "During the two years+ that I have been a member of Victory, Master Blackwell and other Instructors have taught me and continue to teach me the discipline needed to excel at Juji..."
    Team Instigator
  • "Greeting MASTER BLACKWELL, Thanks to his teachings I no longer roam around worried about being attacked, and even with the limited training that I had I feel quite a bit m..."
    Sam Di Gangi
    Happy x student

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