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Quotes During the two years+ that I have been a member of Victory, Master Blackwell and other Instructors have taught me and continue to teach me the discipline needed to excel at Jujitsu. Victory has provided me with a more than adeqate training/conditioning area and instructors that are highly trained in their sport. I couldn't ask for a better training facility, instructors and comradery within Team Instigator. Quotes
Team Instigator

Quotes Greeting MASTER BLACKWELL, Thanks to his teachings I no longer roam around worried about being attacked, and even with the limited training that I had I feel quite a bit more confident than before. I hope to return to the school very soon. Quotes
Sam Di Gangi
Happy x student

Quotes Been here for well over a year..100% love the guys coaches and staff..great place for beginners or experienced fighters and or just people looking to stay healthy and fit.. Com down and visit with us Quotes
Teammate /member