Victory MMA Submission Fighting

Victory MMA submission Fighting, home of team Victory.

Adult  Classes- MMA, Jujitsu- Striking- Wrestling-Tae-kwon-do

$60.00 per month with a 1 year commitment!

 $ 75.00 per month on a month to month plan!

 $ 10.00 per class for drop by mat fee!

Kids Classes- Taekwondo - MMA  -  Jujitsu

$60.00  per month! No contracts!   


Strong Blood fitness-strength and conditionng

$40.00 per month no contract!

Strong Blood / private fitness

$20-$30.00 per session depends on how many sessions purchased!

Private Training- Boxing- Jujitsu-MMA

$30-$35.00hr depending on instructors available!

Women's Self-Defense

SPECIAL RUNNING FOR NEXT 3 MONTHS - just $25.00 per month!